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Use Nikwax to stay dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather.

Nikwax cleans, re-proofs and maintains breathability of all outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment.

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How do I use Nikwax for my outdoor items?

For clothing, pour Nikwax in the dispenser of your washing machine and set to a normal wash cycle. Alternatively, wash by hand in a basin or use our non-aerosol spray-on treatments – it really is that easy. For footwear, our sponge-on and spray-on products are easy to use for fast, effective, long-lasting wet weather protection. For equipment such as tents, Nikwax can be used as a spray, sponge or brush-on treatment.

Why clean with Nikwax?

Nikwax cleaning products safely lift out dirt and refresh breathability. Conventional detergents can seriously damage water-repellency, breathability and wicking properties.

How do I use Nikwax to add water-repellency?

Nikwax offers a range of waterproofing treatments for clothing, footwear and equipment. Click here to find out how you can use Nikwax on different types of gear.

Use the Product Selector to find which products you need to waterproof and maintain clothing, footwear and equipment.

Result: Clean, waterproof and breathable.

You stay dry, warm and comfortable

Where do I find Nikwax?

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